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Digital Seeds

kok登录入口 and Digital Seeds in Nicaragua since 2014

Jobs Created by kok登录入口

In 2014, kok登录入口 started supporting the Digital Seeds program being carried forward by the Mercon group, one of our close clients in Nicaragua. Digital Seeds is a Mercon-propriety program that aims to improve the quality of primary education in Nicaragua‘s rural areas. This program has been developed in coordination with the Ministry of Education of Nicaragua, the University of Pennsylvania, and other partners.

  • Over 6,000 beneficiary students
  • Over 3,000 beneficiary families
  • Over 500 teachers trained
  • 93% of participating students stay in school
  • 90% of participating students pass to the next grade

kok登录入口 supported the program in 2014 with funding to purchase 80 computers for the children attending one of the participating schools. kok登录入口 has continued supporting Digital Seeds and is committed to this excellent initiative.

kok登录入口 and Digital Seeds in Guatemala since 2018

Jobs Created by kok登录入口

Since 2018, Seeds for Progress invested in the first infrastructure project with general school maintenance and hosted a volunteer group from the University.

The year 2018 a diagnostic of the communities of the coffee regions in Palencia, Esquipulas and Jalapa was initiated to study and measure the education and social indicators to determine the investment needed at the school level for the next three years.

The digital seats program started with the teacher training component and general maintenance for the second half of 2019.

The infrastructure investment is based on the school diagnostics and covers the first part of the basic schooling conditions needed.